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Under the Voodoo

from the book, Unknown Songs; performed with The Jeff Robinson Trio

We are all under the voodoo:


All the beautiful voices,

All the stumbling feet,

All inchoate noises,

Rumbling under the street.


All the comfortable faces,

Peeking from windows above;

All indelible traces

Of hatred, indifference, or love.

The voodoo is fire and death,

Wind, and moon, and water;

There’s voodoo in every breath,

Born before and after.


This is not your private table;

It’s not your drink to drink.

The truth’s always bubbling, boiling, unstable --

It’s not your thought to think.

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About Me

As a teacher, I have worked with students ranging in age from 1 to 90, but now most of my teaching is freelance online. As a poet, I have performed in a wide variety of venues, from Glasgow to Guatemala, but now the most consistent place to find me is in Lowell, MA, at the Untitled Open Mic, where I am the co-host. In 2019, I finished a doctorate in education, looking at the development of literate identity in young writers, and I continue to work with teen poets as an organizer for Freeverse!, Lowell’s youth poetry group.

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