About Me

As a teacher, I have worked with students ranging in age from 1 to 90, but I now work in an urban middle school. As a poet, I have performed in a wide variety of venues, from Glasgow to Guatemala, but now the most consistent place to find me is in Lowell, MA, at the Untitled Open Mic, where I am the slammaster for the Mill City Slam. I am currently working on the dissertation for my doctorate in education, looking at the development of identity in young writers. Part of that work also involves supporting and promoting youth poetry.

I gladly take on the mantle, “Poet,” but, for me, that has a broader definition than might be expected. Essentially, I am an interstitial artist, interested in crossing between genres and forms. As a musician and singer, I like to work with jazz, finding inspiration for new poetry and using poetry as a frame to create new music. I am also a visual artist, and poems will sometimes suggest pictures just as images can generate poems. As a performance artist, I am committed to presenting poetry in a new light, so some of my work involves creating settings for well-known poems by other poets.

Versifying & Musings